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Semi-automatic Seeds Packing Machine
  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Supply Ability:200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin:China


This machine is used to quantitively pack all kinds of particles and powder, like milk powder, grains, seeds, etc..

Main Feature

Easy operation, good quality, stable performance,can quantitive weighing, but no sealing function.


This is a Semi-automatic Seeds Packing Machine can pack corns, wheat, barley, and other grains, besides, it can also pack tea, buttons, rice,seeds and other particles, in addition, our packing machine is also can be used for packing flour and other powders. You can choose use one vibrator or two vibrators. This model of racking machine is mainly discharges materials by vibrator, so one vibrator is a little slow, but if you use two vibrators, it will be more quickly. Our customers can choose the suitable model as his need.
When adjusting the machine, to use proper tool, it is forbidden to use tools too much or too hard to split a part avoid attaint parts or affect the filling machine’s performance. When the machine is adjusted, a fact will loose the screw tight, turn the machine by shaking the handle look after the action is in accordance with the requirements, can drive a car. The machine must be kept clean, machine oil, liquid medicine is not or glass beads, lest cause corrosion damage to the machine, it must:

1. In the process of production, timely removal solution or glass beads.
2. Thrown scrub once a week, especially in common use were not easy to wipe clean the place or with compressed air blowing off.

This packing/filling machine has a widely usage, it can be used in many industries: Fine powder, like flour, milk powder, wall powder, chemical powder, edible powder, coffee powder, the powder, coarse,granular, herbs, seeds, food, sesame seeds, grains, wolfberry, rice, MSG, salt suitable items, spices, beans, chemical components, electronic components, hardware components, because too much can be divided into the shop loaded items only briefly.

It has features of reasonable design, reliable performance, long and durable life time,filling precisely and convenient use and maintenance, etc.
Our packing machine can be customized, the hopper capacity is about 15kg, you can choose a filling weight, we have 1-500g and 1-1000g machines for your reference, you can choose models according to your own need.

Technical Data

Model GGYJZ-F1000
Voltage 220v
Power 0.05kw
Packing Speed 7-20bag/min
Weight 44kg
Dimension 410*510*1420(mm)
Bucket Size H:40CM   L:40CM
Packing weight 20-500g(Can be customized)
Accuracy 0-0.2g
(Does not have the function of sealing)


What about the package?
-- We pack machines use standard exporting wooden case, which can help machine get better protection while transporting.
 How long is the guarantee period?
-- We promise guarantee period half of one year for non-human damage factor.
 How should I do if meet some trouble while using?
-- Don't worry. It is our pleasure to provide support to you. We can take video for showing how to solve the problem, and write detail resolution to you.
 How about your after-sale service?
--Any question you have,no matter whether in warranty period or not. As long as you give me a email or video. Our engineers and I are very willing to solve the problem for you. We not only  have high quality machine, but also we have very good after-sales service. So that is why we have many returned customers.


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