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Manual Labelling Machine For Vertical Bottle
  • MOQ:5 sets
  • Certification:CE
  • Supply Ability:200 sets per month
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • LOADING PORT:Qingdao Port
  • Country Of Origin:China


Suitable for a great variety of round bottle containers labeling.

Main Feature

Labeling smooth, good quality, easy operation, and CE approved.


Manual Labelling Machine For Vertical Bottle is mainly used in cosmetics, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries of product labeling. Suitable for labeling round bottle containers, double label round bottle, a single tag round bottles, with code label round bottle labeling, such as: glass bottle, plastic bottles, tins and the first class. This is one kind of manual type labeling machine, we also have automatic labeling machine.
Product Introduction:
1. This  labeller adopts automatic human-machine interface, with simple operation. Simply click can complete the corresponding action;
2. The main components are all made of stainless steel, meeting the national standards;
3. Tags automatically count, can record every shift production, convenient for production management;
4. The machine automatically stop when the labelling is finished. It can be set per shift production quantity, stop automatically after use.

Working Principle : 
The Labeling Machine works according to the light check. When the machine checked the product , the system will send the message to the control system , then the control system will compand the Photoelectric Sensors , the label avilable, the machine will feedback the system , and will run the machine , date printing and finish the labeling . 
Performance Characteristics 
1. Imported electromagnetic clutch and high precision
2. Advanced anodizing aluminum alloy, longer life.
3. Using the best motor can meet the heavy load, and long time operation.
4. All parts and standard adopt stainless steel material
5. PLC control, human-machine interface control panel is more fashionable
6. Adopt Import inspection standard optical coupling, to guarantee the high precision accuracy
7. Label Single or double tags round bottle

Technical Data

Model  GGFH-130
voltage /Power AC200V/50HZ, 150W 
Label size Max:120(W)×400(L)mm  
  Min :10(W)×30(L)mm    
Round bottle size Max: Φ125mm, Min: Φ20mm
Label inner core dimension inner diameterΦ75mm  
external diameterΦ300mm
Net weight 38kg 
Outline dimensions 580*680*860mm 


1. How can i ensure the machine i received is undamaged?
→ Before delivering the goods, we will send you the pictures of the product and the package. Before signing in, make sure the pakage is undamaged. If any question happens, pls contact me as soon as possible.
2. I want ro make an order, which kind of payment mode will your conpany accept?
→T/T, Western Union, L/C, and Money Gram.
3. What should I do if i meet trouble while using?
→Don't worry about it. If there is any question, pls contact us as soon as possible. Our professional engineers will solve the problem for you. Just let us know your problem.
4. If i order this machine from you, when will you deliver this machine for me?
→After you make the payment, we usually deliver the machine within 7 working days.


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