Service Statement

GELGOOG attaches great importance to customer information security and privacy protection. GELGOOG will follow the following guidelines to protect personal information.
Personal information protection
Personal information refers to the personal information submitted by the customer himself. Including name, residence, contact information, etc. that can be used to identify the customer's information.
The acquisition and use of personal information
In order to provide a better service to customers, GELGOOG will be in legal and appropriate way to minimize the minimum access to the customer's personal information. GELGOOG will not exceed the intended use of the customer's personal information.
GELGOOG Customer Information Using Purpose
GELGOOG will use the customer's personal information in the following ways:
1. Strength evaluation for customers.
2. Provide the necessary price information to customer.
3. To develop or improve our services, etc..
4. GELGOOG may increase the use of customer information when necessary.
The Protection and Management of Personal Information
To have access to the personal information, GELGOOG will be strictly within the scope of the permitted use of the purpose, realize minimum use when necessary. In addition, GELGOOG will take the most appropriate measures to keep the personal information of customers. To prevent user information from being illegally used or lost, damaged, tampered, leakage, etc..

Use of code
Henan GELGOOG Machinery  (hereinafter referred to as GELGOOG) is responsible for the management and operation of the site, should comply with the following. If the site has been used, it will be deemed to have fully agreed to the present service statement.

1 General
Please use this website for self - responsibility.

2 Prohibition
Acts that cause damage or a loss of third party or GELGOOG credit or reputation, and acts of including those alleged to have been suspected of such adverse effects are prohibited.

3 Trademark and Copyright, etc.
This website and the information is owned or managed by GELGOOG or the copyright, trademark, other intellectual property protection. The use of the site, should comply with all relevant copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights. In addition to the use of individual, other copyright law recognition, without the consent of the copyright, without permission to copy, spread, publish, change, translation and other acts will be considered a violation of copyright law.

4 Disclaimer
1.GELGOOG will carefully check the contents of the content, etc.. But can not fully guarantee the correct and effective information content. In addition, GELGOOG can be in the case without notice, at any time on the site or published on the site of the information to correct, modify, add, delete and other operations.
2 The user is not responsible for the use of this home or the content of the site to be damaged, GELGOOG.

5 About links
1. Want to link page of the site, please obtain the prior approval of GELGOOG.  
2. The home page may be linked to the third, the home page of the third may also be linked to the home page. Regardless of the circumstances, the contents of the third home page from the third person in charge of management and operation, for the use of these contents and the inconvenience or damage, GELGOOG is not responsible.

6 Service Opinion Window
If any comments or requests please send mail to contact: diana@machinehall.com

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