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Round Tea Bag Packing Machine to Amercia
Publish:2017-08-26 By Diana
Round Tea Bag Packing Machine
Another round tea bag packing machine was sold to America, ideal equipment for making round tea sachet, and the weight of each tea bag is about 3-6 g.
A, Scope Application Of Round Tea Bag Packing Machine
The machine is suitable for tea, herbal tea, health tea grassroots small particles inside and outside disposable packaging.
B, Round Tea Bag Packing Machine Features
1, Outside packing paper is controlled by stepper motor, bag length stable, accurate positioning;
2, Using the PID temperature controller, temperature control more accurate;
3, Adopting PLC control action of the machine, man-machine interface display, easy to operate;
4, All parts contacting materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel, ensure health of products;
5, Partical work cylinder adopts imported parts, ensure the accuracy and stability;
6, Additional device Of this machine can complete the flat cutting, date printing, easy tear and other functions.
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