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Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine Sold To Sri Lanka
Publish:2017-08-25 By Diana
Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine
One set pyramid tea bag packing machine was sold to Sri Lanka, customer bought this machine for packing triangle tea bags.

Scope Application of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine
Food, medicine, biological products granule packing, such as black tea, green tea, barley tea, slimming tea, etc.
Machine configuration: Full stainless steel exteriors, touch the film screen, PLC control.
Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine
Main Technical Parameters of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine
1, Packaging film: PLA corn fiber film, nylon film, PET film and non-woven fabrics. 
2, Sachet can be made into triangle bag, square bag, a key switch.
3, Weighing range in 3±0.5 g, also can be customized.
4, for the mixing of materials, applicable to a variety of packaging.
5, Packing speed: 35 to 55 packages per minute.
6, Power supply voltage: 220 v, 50 hz 
7, Machine size: 1200*900*1800mm
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