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Single Spout Cement Packing Machine Shipment To Kenya
Publish:2016-04-15 By Diana
single cement packing machinegypsum powder packing machine
After talking about details about cement packing machine, customer decides to buy one set machine packing cement as sample. Now we are preparing this machine for shipment to Kenya. This is a kind of single spout type, we also have double spouts, three spouts, six spouts for selection.
Model Power
Measuring Accuracy  (kg/bag) Overall Dimension
GG-1 5.5 15 50±0.5 580*1500*1300mm 300

When using this single spout cement packing machine, notice: 
1, Befroing booting start packing machine power, and then start the feeding device or open the gate, turn it off before closing feeding equipment and gate, then close the packaging machine powder supply, in order to prevent the ash system be closed. 
2, check weighing device, pay special attention to the use and maintenance of the traction electromagnet. If discover the fuselage shaking is too big, should find out why and handle in time, and check the fuselage anchor bolt fastening. 
3, Often clean the bagging institutions. 
4, During bagging process, do not use hand to press the cement bag, so as not to affect the weighing accuracy. 
5, Dismantling a bagging on leaf spring, must carry out a dynamic weighing calibration. 
6, Disc packing, don't pressure tight, lest affect the flexibility of gate switch, it is forbidden to filling lubricating oil, in case of clamping phenomenon of a ram, to adjust or change the new packing. 
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