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Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
Publish:2016-04-14 By Diana
Put products into a plastic bag, and place in the double chamber vacuum packing machines. When the product is placed in the sealing strip, at this time, the cover will be closed and the air will be removed. And then sealing cavity vacuum bag parker seal products, in a sealed bag room will fill with air automatically open the outside of the ventilation. The oncoming pressure squeeze all remaining air bags. Then open the lid and remove products. Double room in the sealing material is typically used for bulk packing, also has the ability to vacuum sealing liquid. Cover general fluctuations from one party to another, single chamber model to improve production speed. Double chamber vacuum packaging machines usually have spring - weighted lid or fully automatic. 
Double chamber vacuum packing machine is typically used for: 

1. Fresh meat 
2. Cooked meat 
3. Soft Cheese hard one
4. Candy and chocolate 
5. Tea leaf
6. Electronic part
7. Many kinds of snacks
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