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Sell Automatic Powder Packing Machine to Guatemala
Publish:2017-07-06 By Diana
Powder Packing Machine to Guatemala
One set powder packing machine was sold to Guatemala. This powder packing machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of white sugar, salt, seeds, rice, sesame, chicken powder, milk powder, coffee, seasoning and so on powder/small granule products, which are uniform.

Features of Autopmatic Powder Packing Machine
1. PLC control system, color touch screen display.
2. Can weight various different products at the same time, so that realize mixed products packaging.
3. Adopts stepless vibration loading system, make products more evenly and weighing scope bigger.
4. Realize remote monitoring and tracking on the machine through internet.
5. The parts contacting products (storage hopper, vibration plate, weigher hopper) are easy to dismantle, and convenient to clean.
6. This machine is made by stainless steel, clean and health, meets requirements of GMP.

Following is the testing video for automatic powder packaging machine:
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