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Rotary Cup Filling Sealing Machine Sold To Ecuador
Publish:2017-01-20 By Diana
Rotary Cup Filling Sealing Machine
Mr. Marco bought this rotary cup filling sealing machine for packing yogurt. In order to send customer suitable machines, we sent email for confirm some question as soon as received the inquiry from Mr. marco. The question are the filling material, filling range, filling capacity,  roll fim or flat film, need pinter or not, and the picture of cup. After this filling machine was finished, customer sent us the cup sample. After testing this filling machine, Mr. Marco was satisfied with the packing effect. 
This machine can be customized for packing ice cream, yogurt, milk, syrup, soymilk, chili sauce, juice, honey, ketchup, mineral water and so on.

Main Function of Filling Machine
a. Load cup on machine manually
b. Automatic filling
c. Automatic foil suck
d. Automatic sealing
e. Auto cup exiting

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