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Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine Sold To United States
Publish:2017-01-18 By Diana
Tomato Paste Sachet Packing Machine
Tomato paste sachet packing machine was sold to United States. Customer used it for packing tomato paste with fout side sealing. According to his requirement, our sales suggest him the GG-300 tomato sauce sachet packaging machine. This sachet packing machine is applicable to quantitative packaging of tomato sauce, chili sauce, salad dressing, shampoo, conditioner, creams, medical paste,etc.  

Optional Machine according to customer demand: 
1, the ribbon coding machine, 1-3 row print batch number automatically(warranty, production date, etc.). 
2, Inflatable devices, proceed bagging and air inflation. 
3, Sealing way, four edge sealing. 
4, Optional punching device, such as the butterfly hole, round hole, etc. 
5, According to the different needs of customers, optional package linking device, manually set packets number. 
6, This machine is equipped with a molding machine, if customers have a wide variety of membrane products, can choose molding machine with different dimensions. 
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