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Rotary Cement Filling Machine To Argentina
Publish:2016-07-21 By Diana
Rotary cement filling machine was planning to shipment to Argentina. This type of dry mortar packing machine is the latest equipment designed and produced by GELGOOG for that mortar, cement, gyspum powder, the packing machine has novel design, unique structure, reasonable principle, essentially solved the defects of existing cement packing machine. 
Rotary Mortar Packing Machine
1, Wide application: Suitable for packing cement, mortar, stone powder, gypsum powder, additives, and other powder material;
2, High degree automation: Filling, calculating, dropping bag etc. can be realized continuously and automatically.
3, Intelligent design: Automatic detect the bag, no bags the gate will not open. Bag not drop until achieve the set value. If the bag drops accidentally, gate valve instantly shut down. 
4, Humanized design. Driving system adopts frequency charge of motor speed, with respect to the amount of skilled employees within their appropriate speed adjustment.
5, Strong ability in packing: Single mouth packing machine can fill 10-12 tons each hour, while 8 mouth can pack 80-100 tons.
6, Saving energy: Releasing system with no traditional motor drive, change to reasonable pneumatic promoting, single mouth reduce 4 kw motor drive, 8 mouth reduce 32 kw drive motor.
7, Good aftereffect of dust collecting: Gas within the bag includes a devoted circuit, road dust collector, no leakage phenomenon of dust.
8, Low failure rate: Press bag, drop bag, releasing, gas path and so forth all adopts domestic standard as opposed to the manufacturer of special parts, simple to purchase simple to replace.
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