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Books Shrink Wrap Machine To UK
Publish:2016-07-15 By Diana
Shrink Wrap Machine For Books
Our Customer from UK bought this packing machine for wrapping books. In fact, this machine is suitable for packing many objects, such as books, videos, cosmetics, medicine, beers, water bottles, etc.. This shrink sealing machine can be used to wrap automatic shrinkable packaging products by photoelectric automatic detection, automatic feed or optional manual feeding two modes, the folded membrane and can be carried out on the other three sides sealing. Constant temperature heating sealing and cutting system can be used for sealing and cutting PE, PVC, POF heat sealing membrane and other various industrial standards. Perfect sealing effect, especially suitable for POF sealing and cutting, only when the product size change by hand wheel to do simple adjustment, without any replacement parts, reduce the time of product change, more easy to operate. The adjustable speed front end feeding system, and the backend storage work platform, really realize high speed, unmanned automatic mode. 
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