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How to Clean Pillow Type Packing Machine?
Publish:2018-05-04 By Sherry
Pillow Type Packing Machine
Pillow type packing machine
belongs to a kind of packing machine. The reason why this type of packaging machine is widely used is that after many years of development and technology, performance has been improved continuously, and more and more people can meet their needs. Although there are more and more advanced pillow packing machines, but in the process, you can not ignore the machine cleaning, only a good maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the pillow type packing machine.
Pillow type packing machine cleaning steps:
1. Clean the cutter and tailstock in time after shut-down. Ensure that the conveyor belt and drive chain are cleaned after each using to prevent corrosion.
2. For the heat sealer, it should be cleaned regularly to ensure the texture of the seal is clear.
3. Photoelectric tracking light head, but also to clean regularly, reduce the error.
4. The materials scattered on the tray need to be cleaned in time to keep the machine clean.
5. There are various kinds of metal parts inside the machine, so it needs to be lubricated, and the gears of the packaging machine, the oil filling holes of the bearings, and the moving parts should be lubricated at regular intervals so that the operation flexibility can be guaranteed. When adding oil, be careful not to drop oil on the drive belt to prevent slipping or belt aging.
Tips: There are many flow packing machine manufacturers, but from the production technology point of view, each manufacturer is different. Now, with the advancement of technology, the product's performance is also updated. Therefore, when choosing a pillow type packing machine, it is necessary to make a comparison so that you can choose the product which is suitable for you.
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