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Automatic Round Shaped Tea Bag Coffee Pod Packaging Machines
Publish:2018-05-03 By Sherry
automatic round shaped tea bag packing machine

Structure of round shaped tea bag packing machine:
The round shaped tea bag packing machine consists of the following devices: counter, main motor protection device, motor variable pressure control, overload protection device, safety limit switch for opening door, automatic tension adjustment device for packaging materials, alarm without packaging material, ultrasonic load alarm, static elimination device.
Coffee pod packaging machine advantage:
1. Safety, energy saving, environmental protection. This includes protecting the personal safety of equipment operators maximally, minimizing energy consumption, and adopting appropriate processes to minimize the adverse effects of the production process on the environment.
2. Flexible. Just a simple operation on the same tea bag packing machine can pack tea bags of different sizes. This function is very effective for small-batch, multi-species market demand.
3. High precision, high speed, and high efficiency. The round shape tea bag packing machine not only can work stably at high speed, but also can reduce abnormal production time as much as possible (such as waiting for raw materials, mechanical maintenance, finding and troubleshooting, etc.), which is the most direct means of improving efficiency.
4. Strong connectivity. The communication between the single machines can be achieved conveniently and quickly, so that the single machines can be connected into a line, and communication between the single machine or the entire line and the upper-level monitoring system can be realized quickly. This is the basis for achieving monitoring, statistics and analysis of packaging line efficiency, energy consumption and other indicators.
5. Automatic fault diagnosis. The implementation of this function can reduce troubleshooting time and labor costs and personnel training costs.
6. The machine's control software can be modified and maintained easily. The standardization of machine control software makes the structure of the control program clear and easy to understand. The maintenance and upgrade of the system can be completed easily and quickly, which is very beneficial to reduce the long-term operating costs of the company.
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