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Industrial Shrink Wrap Machine for Sale
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Industrial Shrink Wrap Machine

Automatic industrial shrink wrap machine has a compact structure and small footprint, which is suitable for packing single or multiple items. Automatic film feeding device, manual adjustment guide membrane system and manual adjustment feeding conveying platform, can be suitable for different width and height of products, a machine can pack a variety of products. With L-shaped seal cutting knife to shrink film one-time seal cut, Teflon non-stick coating, sealing and not mucous membrane, and sealing neat will not open, the product after sealing, the automatic heat shrink packaging machine will complete the packaging.
Product advantages:
1. Sealing knife using DuPont special chevron coating resistant to high-temperature aluminum alloy knife, to ensure that the seal does not crack, sealing line strong.
2. Adopt the International advanced control, seal knife adopt special design, seal firm, the package material will not stick knife.
3. Automatic feeding, length can be combined with photoelectric and timer, automatic adjustment, with induction motor, adjust method is simple, can be changed according to the packaging size.
4. Easy to operate, simple, different specifications only need to adjust the guide rod on both sides, convenient and quick.
5. Automatic photoelectric detection, automatic positioning, automatic sealing and cutting.
6. The heat shrink packing machine can be added in accordance with the requirements of customers easy to tear mouth function.
Scope of application:
Automatic industrial shrink wrap machine is suitable for hot shrink film packaging of products such as food, medicine, electronics, toys, hardware, furniture and cosmetics.
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