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Types of Oil Filling Machine
Publish:2018-04-24 By Sherry
Types Oil Filling Machine

Generally, the types of oil filling machine was divided into 4 kinds:
1. Volumetric filling, the filling method compare setting the volume of filling materials with the volume of the need. Stop filling when both are the same. But this type of filling will be affected by the characteristics of the environment and oil, and as the temperature changes, the volume of oil will also be affected, thus affecting the filling accuracy.

2. Weighing filling machine is mainly used for large capacity filling, such as large barrel lubricating oil, industrial oil and wide range of applications. The working principle is to set the weighing value according to the filling capacity, then the filling value and the weighing value are compared, then the filling process is carried out. Moreover, the filling precision is high and is not affected by the external environment.

3. Flowmeter type filling machine is the common filling method of edible oil. On each filling valve on a high-precision electronic flowmeter, through the measurement of the volume of materials to achieve quantitative filling.

4. Servo piston type filling machine, widely used in edible oil, olive oil, vegetable oil automatic filling. It can adapt to the filling of 1l-5l container, the filling precision is high and the error is small. Adopt advanced technology at home and abroad. Applicable to lubricants, edible oil, daily chemicals and other liquid products. This machine use PLC automatic control, man-machine interface, easy to adjust, maintenance convenience, do not need special tools. Suitable for filling containers of various shapes. The machine has the features of counting function, high metering precision, large filling range, compact structure and smooth operation.

The above is about the oil filling machine introduction, we hope it can help you. If you are interested in our filling machine, please contact us.
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