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How To Install Pillow Type Packing Machine?
Publish:2018-04-20 By Sherry
Pillow Pack Packing Machine
How to install pillow type packing machine,now let us see the details:
1. Pillow pack packing machine unpacking: After the machine arriving, open the packing box. Inspect parts, tools and technical data.
2. The host's on-site positioning: move the host to the accurate installation position, screw in the adjustment bolt, and make the wheel to be off the ground to avoid vibration when the machine is working, and adjust the bolt to make the host horizontal.
3. Installation of the conveyor bracket: Take out the conveyor and bracket from the packing box, remove the bolts on the conveyor, and place the bracket on the corresponding mounting position of the conveyor and tighten it with bolts.
4. Install conveyor: Unscrew the bolts that mount the conveyor on the main machine, and  apply grease on the drive shaft evenly. Connect the drive shaft of the conveyor to the main engine drive shaft through the double-row chain. Adjust the conveyor, confirm the accuracy and tighten it with screws.
5. Install conveyor table: Place the tabletop on the corresponding mounting position of the conveyor and fasten it with fastening bolts.
6. Conveyor height adjustment: By adjusting the adjusting bolts of the conveyor bracket, the height of the conveyor tail is lower than that of the bag maker.
7. Install output machine: Remove the output chain guard, twist the bolts off, install the output machine in the corresponding position, and adjust the output height.
8. The chain of installation: Through the chain connecting the output machine sprocket and the hosts sprocket, the opening of the chain interface should be opposite to the operation direction, confirm the chain tightness, then install the chain guard.
9. The installation of bag maker: according to the size of the package to choose the corresponding bag maker specifications. And follow these steps to install:
1) Unscrew the retaining nut that mounts the bag holder on the main unit.
2) Put the bag maker on the mounting bracket.
3) Adjust the height of the bag making machine so that the bottom plane of the inner cavity of the bag making machine is less than about 1 mm from the material pallet of the conveyor.
4) Loosen the nut in the longitudinal position of the bag-making machine. The angle between the pallet and the bag-making machine on the conveyor coincides. The gap is less than 2mm.
10. Adjustment of the braking device: During normal operation of the device, the film idler rotates under the traction of the film. By adjusting the position of the nut and the weight at the brake, the tension of the film is adjusted, thereby controlling the stability of the film during operation.
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