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BOPP Film Wrapping Machine for Sale
Publish:2018-04-03 By Sherry
BOPP Film Wrapping Machine
The BOPP film wrapping machine is suitable for cellophane and BOPP film, three-dimensional packaging of different sizes of boxes and articles. The BOPP film and tear tape with graphic or laser logo stick together, with anti-counterfeiting function. (Tear tape on the packaging film can be printed enterprise logo or name, with anti-counterfeiting laser, with a higher security effect).
The BOPP film wrapper machine is widely used in box-type products of single or multiple 3D packaging. Use PLC man-machine interface control, its movements are driven by the cylinder, servo motor transport packaging film, the body consists of stainless steel racks and closed plexiglass protective cover, operating platform, the packaging contact parts are made of stainless steel materials, in line with health standards. Only need to replace some parts, you can pack different specifications of items. Compact design, brisk and agile, easy to carry, easy to operate, clear function, special technical strong. Use advanced design elements to enable the machine to run more reliable, quiet, better packaging effect, stability, efficiency. Packing speed, packing size, heat seal temperature can be adjusted according to the need.
Our company is responsible for technical support, ensure the normal production of users absolutely. The Bopp film wrapping machine with small size, beautiful in packaging effect and simple in operation, and it is widely used in the outer packing of cigarette, food, medicine, CD and other items.
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