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What Can We Do for You After You Buy Our Cigarette Packing Machine?
Publish:2018-03-27 By Sherry
Cigarette box wrapping machine

What can you do for me if i buy your cigarette packing machine?Many customer ask us this question,now let us tell you some details about our service.
First, pre-sales technical services:
1. Our company has a dedicated user-oriented engineering, maintenance service center, the service center of mechanical and electrical engineers in the pre-sale services responsible for free technical services. These service include: User technical advice, assist users to determine the appropriate cigarette packing machine type,quantity, provide a full range of technical advice and equipment maintenance of the proposed program.
Second, after-sale technical services:
1.Our company to sell the cigarette box wrapping machine to implement life-long free service, due to improper user operation caused by problems, the company actively assist users to solve problems to ensure timely equipment into production.
2.Equipment installation, commissioning, by the professional and technical personnel responsible to solve the user's various problems.Site representative for key projects.
3. After the delivery of the machine, our technicians will be responsible for assisting with the installation and commissioning according to the requirements.
4. Actively cooperate with the user, do a good job in the field operation and maintenance of the machine, can provide users cigarette packing machine spare parts and accessories with low-cost at any time. 
5. Adhere to the principle of quality first, the supremacy of users, at any time to listen to the call of the user, our company to ensure that we will reply within 24 hours.
6. Equipment within the scope of maintenance, if there is a quality problem, our company is responsible for free maintenance, and we will reply within 2-5 hours after receiving user’s calling.
If you have any other quotation, please contact us for free.
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