Automatic Cellophane Film Wrapp
Cigarette Pack Wrapper
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Cigarette pack wrapper

Now the cigarette packaging, in addition to cartons, but also wrap with cellophane film, and there are tear tape, convenient unpacking. The machine that can complete this kind of packing is called cellophane wrapping machine. The machine can be divided into semi automatic cellophane wrapping machine,automatic cellophane Wrapping machine, pneumatic cellophane wrapping machine.
Semi automatic cellophane wrapping machine size is generally (length) 1600* (height) 1200* (width) 600mm, machine weight of 150kg, the general use of 220V lighting electricity, can be used in a variety of packaging venues. The price is equivalent to automatic cellophane wrapping machine 1/3.Semi automatic cigarette pack wrapper replacement of the mold is convenient, and can carry out a variety of specifications of the packaging. The operator can operate the machine directly after a simple training.
Automatic cigarette pack wrapper, packaging speed, production capacity to reach 40-80 box/min. Compact design, driven by a motor, inverter can achieve stepless speed. Automatic feeding automatic cutting film, saving labor. The machine's lengthened type can realize the packaging of bulk Poker, cards and other products.
Pneumatic-type cellophane wrapping machine, with high price, packet speed in 15-35 box/min, professional packaging large size box or multiple boxes of centralized packaging, generally applicable to large enterprises.
Cigarette pack wrapping machine applicable industry: The machine is widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, health supplies, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities, poker, cards and other industries in the transparent film wrap.
Packaging materials :
The main packaging materials are: BOPP heat seal shrink film, opp film.
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