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Cigarette Box Packing Machine for Sale
Publish:2018-03-21 By Sherry
Cigarette box packing machine
Automatic cigarette box packing machine using cam drive system, packaging accuracy, high efficiency. Has the rapid adjustment system, can adjust the length,width,high according to the goods.May integrate the whole row feeding system, constructs the entire automatic production line, saves the manpower, enhances the productivity.
Cigarette case after the packaging of cellophane packing machine, the surface is not wrinkled, smooth and tidy, with tear tape function, cigarette box packing machine has a high-precision film delivery technology, can save packaging materials, equipment in line with GMP standards, safe packaging processing technology, Long-term high-speed continuous operation. and has static elimination function.
The machine is suitable for BOPP, KOP, cellophane all kinds of hot sealing paper film packaging materials. Also suitable for a variety of CD∕DVD boxes, poker, cigarette boxes, food boxes, medicine boxes, condoms, cosmetics boxes, perfume boxes, chocolate boxes, candy boxes, cookies, convenient stickers and other packaging.
In order to let cigarette box packing machine provide you better service, use the following points to note:
1. Perform a surface maintenance every three months.
2. After each use, cleaning the machine surface .
3. You need to ensure that the machine on the level of the ground, to ensure that the machine can operate normally, to avoid causing the necessary trouble.
4.Carry out regular overhaul, troubleshooting hidden dangers.

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