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How to Help Customers Save Freight?
Publish:2018-03-20 By Sherry
Cigarette box wrapping machine
A few days ago, we received a customer inquiry about cigarette box wrapping machine. After that, we sent a cigarette wrapping machine quotation to the customer according to the customer's request, of course, the price included the freight. The client was very pleased with our cigarette case packing machine, who intended to place an order after asking for more details.
But when we talk about freight, the customer has some hesitation, because the customer wants to pass the air transport, but the price we give is sea transportation. But when we write our quotes, we want to offer our customers the cheapest way to save money . Because the air transport speed is fast, but its freight is very high, many customers are unwilling to bear the expensive freight, so we chose the sea transportation for the customer. We have shown our customers a variety of modes of transport price list, the customer finally chose the sea.
Sales is our purpose, but we would like to reach long-term cooperation with customers, so before we send the solution to the customer , will first make several plans, and then calculate the cost, choose the most suitable, the most reasonable plan for the customer, and then sent the quotation to the customer. We know that every customer wants to reduce costs, so when we give customers a plan, they are in the customer's position, try not to produce other costs. If you have any questions about our offer, please contact us and we can continue to improve.After all, customer satisfaction is our pursuit.
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