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Cellophane Wrap For Cigarettes
Publish:2018-03-15 By Sherry
Cellophane Wrap For Cigarettes
Cigarettes wrapping materials often use cellophane,buy why use cellophane wrap for cigarette?
Because the cellophane is a kind of cotton pulp and wood pulp and other natural fibers as raw materials, with the adhesive method made of films. Cellophane transparent, non-toxic, tasteless. Air, bacteria, oil, water are difficult to penetrate through the glass paper.
Cellophane's molecular chain has a wonderful micro-permeability, can make packaged goods like an egg through the egg on the skin of the blowhole as the same breath, which is very beneficial to the preservation of the commodity and preservation of the activity; on alkaline, oily and organic solvents have strong resistance, will not produce static electricity, will not absorb dust. Due to the use of natural fiber, in the garbage can be absorbed water and be decomposed, will not cause environmental pollution. Cellophane transparency allows people to clearly observe the packaging, but also with moisture-proof, waterproof, breathable and hot sealing performance, can play a good protective effect on goods. Cellophane and ordinary plastic film comparison, there is no electrostatic, dustproof and other advantages.
Cellophane is regenerated cellulose, there is a wonderful air permeability of the molecular group Gap, which is beneficial to the preservation of goods. It is not refractory but heat resistant, can be at 190 ℃ at high temperature without deformation. In addition, because the raw material of the cellophane originates from the natural, therefore has the very strong easy decomposition nature.
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