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Cigarette Packing Machine For Sale
Publish:2018-03-13 By Sherry
Cigarette packing machine for sale
The cigarette packing machine including motor, distribution box, conveyor belt, transmission device, packaging turntable, worktable surface, it is characterized is: the transmission device consists of a set of meshing gear and the front and rear conveyor chain, the work table with groove-type lifting and adjusting, good stability, and by the screw adjustment , increase the thickness adjustment range, high transmission precision, good packaging effect, fast packaging, and simple and compact structure, convenient maintenance.
The applicable materials for this cigarette packing machine are cellophane and BOPP film, and the general equipment for three-dimensional packaging of different sizes of packaging boxes and packaging products. Transparent paper (film) and a printed text or laser signs of the tear tape, after adhesive paste, with anti-counterfeiting function.
Longer machinery is a research and development-oriented, set manufacturing, sales and service in one of the technology-oriented packaging machine manufacturers. Committed to the development of packaging machinery, has breached a number of national and provincial mechanical technology problems, after years of development, the current main products have  packaging machine, automatic cellophane packaging machine, semi-automatic Bopp film packaging machine, products are widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food, daily necessities, stationery and other fields. We adhere to the implementation of ISO9000 quality system standards strictly control the quality of each process, and strive for each customer to provide "the most assured products, the best quality service."
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