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Tea Bag Packaging Machine Development
Publish:2018-01-22 By Diana
The development of tea bag packaging machine provides a medium for the circulation and promotion of tea leaf. Compared with other commodities, tea has the characteristics of easy moisture, fragile and easy to absorb odors. Therefore, packaging plays a crucial role in the quality of tea. Tea as the heritage of the Chinese culture, carrying the long Chinese culture, in addition, combined with the tea consumption fashion and consumer demand of the great variety of differ in thousands ways, bound to lead to the tea bag packing machine variety.
Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine
As people living standard rise, people is more and more strict with tea packaging, on the premise of scientific and economic development, make a big stage for the development of tea packaging machinery, improve the capacity of tea packaging, tea for many enterprises improve the efficiency of the packaging, to provide exquisite fashion new packaging, tea packaging closer to life.
Triangle tea bag packing machine is one of the representative of the tea bag, tea packaging machinery will continue to strengthen the independent innovation ability, closely combined with the development of The Times, whether on the performance of packaging machinery, automation, and intelligent to innovation and development, or on the choice of tea packaging material to choose the most advanced, the most practical, the most environmentally friendly.Our triangle three-dimensional tea bag design, breakthrough the traditional square tea bag packaging, the use of transparent material and green 100% biodegradable, make consumer intuitive observation to the quality of the tea and to see the shape of the leaves, and it's more important is to use tea bags discarded after damage to the environment will not, absolutely green environmental protection health. Nylon triangle bag is using Japan imported nylon no environmental protection non-woven material, these material are national security tested non-toxic, no bacteria, heat resistant, high quality food grade filter material, let consumers use at ease, drink at ease. We will give you a brief introduction to the packaging machine of the tea filter triangle nylon bag.
Series: Triangle tea bag packaging machine.
Product model: GGLB-3
Application range: Suitable for tea, herbal tea, health tea, tieguanyin, longjing, maofeng, rose tea, ginseng and so on.
Tea bag packing machine features: nylon triangle bag use environmental nylon, non-woven material imported from Japan, is a non-toxic, no national security inspection bacteria, heat resistant, high quality food grade filter material, its sealing adopts unique method, ultrasonic non-trace sealing, close, health, safety, reduces the redundant edge width, don't waste a filter material.
Packaging materials: Japan imports nylon, non-woven fabrics, green 100% biodegradable transparent materials.
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