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Tea Bag Packing Machine Manufacturers
Publish:2018-01-09 By Diana
Established in 2010, Henan GELGOOG Machinery is mainly engaged in the developing, manufacturing, selling and service of small and medium-sized tea bag packing machine manufacturers. To achieve the packaging mission of liberating people from the packaging line. Company actively introduces foreign advanced technology, adopts core parts of Germany, Japan, seiko fine made, successively developed a patented technology of tea bag packaging machine, multigang intelligent packaging machine, double tea bag packaging machine and so on the many kinds of models of various types of packing equipment, can meet the packaging requirements of each related industries. This kind of product integrates mechanical, electronic, numerical control and microcomputer technology, which can be widely used in the packaging of soft bags in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.
Pyramid Tea Bag Packaging Machine
GELGOOG is a strong manufacturer of high-quality products, focusing on technical input and a group of technical personnel composed of professional technicians. Factory formed from equipment design, manufacture, installation, debugging, technology and raw materials and after-sales service one-stop production system, products are exported to north Korea, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries and regions, by the general customers the consistent high praise. GELGOOG people will keep forging ahead to achieve customer value.
Performance Feature of Tea Bag Packing Machine
1. By means of ultrasonic seal cutting, it is possible to produce tea bags with prominent and attractive appearance.
2. Packaging capacity of 2000-2400 bags/hour.
3. Label packaging materials can be used to simply produce labeled tea bags.
4. Sliding volume measurement can easily change the filling.
5. According to the shape of customers' tea, the electronic scale can be chosen.
6. The original pneumatic original is used in Japanese MSC and electric appliance with German schneider.
7. Adopt Japanese mitsubishi PLC controller. Touch screen operation, make the performance more stable, the operation is simpler, more human.
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