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Debugging Steps of Tea Bag Packaging Machine
Publish:2018-01-06 By Diana
Inner and Outer Tea Bag Packaging Machine
The inner and outer tea bag packing machine with the label bag are applicable to the inside and outside bags of small particles such as tea, medicinal tea and health tea and other small grain particles. The main features of inner and outer tea bag packing machine are:
1. The inside and outside bags are bagged and formed.
2. All accessible materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the health and reliability of the products;
3. The device can complete the function of flat cutting, date printing and easy tearing.
The general debugging procedure of the inner and outer tea bag packaging machine are as follows:
Step 1: First, adjust the inner filter bag of tea packaging machine (first, the clutch of the label will be first set to the separation state).
Step 2: After well adjusting the inner bag, then adjust the cotton thread (to adjust the cotton thread clutch to the closed state for debugging).
Step 3: Adjust the lable of packaging machine(to adjust the lable clutch to the closed state for debugging).
Step 4: Adjust the feeding time of tea bag packaging machine(to adjust the feeding clutch to closed state for debugging).
Step 5: Adjust the packing weight for tea bags(adjust the height of the upper and lower measuring cups to the required weight).
Step 6: Adjust the outside bag of tea bag packaging machine(when adjusting the ourside bag, the clutch of the inner bag body is adjusted separately.) 
Working principle steps of inner and outer tea bag packing machine are relatively complicated, during adjustment process requires patience, in general, as long as according to the above steps one by one for adjustment don't have big problem. For more details on debugging problems can call to our company. We are pleased to answer your enquiry hotline: +86 18595717505.
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