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Tomato Paste Filling Packing Machine
Publish:2016-10-14 By Diana
Tomato sauce is a kind of delicious sauce that is often eaten with potato chips or breads. The special taste will usually bring excellent feelings to consumers.
Tomato Paste Packing MachineOur tomato sauce packing machine which uses spring pressure knife is mainly used to pack tomato sauce with sachets. It can complete many procedures like making bags, filling, counting and sealing. It is controlled by Programmable Controller Machine system so that it can work automatically with high efficiency. It's equipped with photocell eyes to check and warn if there is any phenomenon of waste.
This machine can pack 25 to 60 bags per minute. The size of the bags will be 50-110 mm in length and 70-160 mm in width, The measuring ranges from 1 to 35 ml. The size of the machine is 625*750*1550mm. And its weight is 230kg.
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