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Development in Packing Machine Industry
Publish:2016-10-13 By Diana
Our domestic packaging industry develops in the low level, some high-quality package forming machines still rely on importing from abroad to satisfy domestic demands. The phenomenon of too much dependence has made serious restrict to the constant and stable development of our country’s packaging industry. And caused dangerous situation of some domestic uncompetitive food packaging machinery enterprises. Even though the future of domestic packaging machinery market is vast, problems like stand-alone automation, low stability and reliability, inaesthetic appearance and short service life also make domestic packaging machinery products denounced so much.

How to solve the contemporary problems in the development of food packaging machines?
Security testing technology: security is always the most important key word in every industry, so does packaging industry.
Motion controlling technology: This technology develops very fast in our country, but it’s difficult for its developing motivation to rise in packaging industry.
Flexible production: To adapt to the drastic competition in markets, the update cycle of enterprises' products is getting shorter.
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