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4 Mouth Cement Packaging Machine Features
Publish:2016-09-26 By Diana
4 Mouth Cement Packing Machine1-4 mouth stationary cement packing machine, is manufactured to meet the needs of the market, after technical personnel continued improvement, has sold to several cement manufacturers, and deeply welcomed among users. This machine has the following features: 
(1) Weighing accurate, stable performance, simple operation; 
(2) Good sealing, reasonable structure, durable; 
(3) Small volume, light weight, convenient adjustment and maintenance; 
(4) Mechanical and electrical integration, save power. The machine does not use the air compressor and the electromagnetic valve pneumatic components, but through mechanical and electrical integration, the principle of lever linkage, can realize the compaction of the packaging bags, loosen, the closing of the gate, off the bag, etc. 
(5) Widely used. The machine is not only used for cement packaging, can also be used for other liquid powder, granular materials packaging. 
This machine is with a high degree of automation, computer intelligent automatic identification, without complex troublesome mechanical lever weighing system), the operation is simple, just workers sidekicks (no artificial lift ram) can complete packaging production process, save manpower, reduce labor intensity, greatly reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency. 
This machine is widely used in dry mortar, cement, stone powder, coal ash powder, gypsum powder, coarse whiting powder, quartz sand, powder quantitative packaging objects such as fire materials. 
Main features: 
1, Automatic control of microcomputer, intelligent recognition, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-jamming capability, weighing accuracy; 
2, New design, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the production efficiency; 
3, Automatic pressure, filling bags, loosen, stop filling and fall bags, and other functions, stable performance, simple operation.
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