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Advantages of Rotary Cement Filling Machine
Publish:2016-09-24 By Diana
Rotary cement packing machine, which is researched and developed by our company for years, has innovation in terms of mechanical and electronic control and monitoring of weighing, its novel design and unique institution fill the gap in adapting to the situation of no pneumatic components of rotary cement packing machine in China, in leading position in similar products in the domestic level. 
Rotary Cement Filling MachineRotary cement packing machine adopts main drive system with frequency control of motor speed, eccentric rotary structure of filling, non-contact proximity switch configuration, and material level measuring and other mechanical and electrical automatic control and microcomputer automatic metering device. In the process of operation, in addition to the artificial sidekicks, other such as cement bag compression, filling, measuring gate opening and closing, off bags in fixed point, etc all can be done automatically and continuously. And have no filling if not sidekicks, bag is out if not reached set value weight, bags unique functions such as accidental removal immediately close the gate to stop filling. Compared with similar products, the product has reasonable structure, accurate measurement, low energy consumption, large packaging capacity, easy maintenance, and many other advantages, the most outstanding characteristic is that can automatically realize the mouth pressing, loosen, gate opening, closing and fall bags, and other functions without using pneumatic components, reduce many packing machine breakdown caused by pneumatic components damaged. 

The packaging machine uses balance measurement by computer, microcomputer scales is designed by our company technical personnel for rotary packing machine structure and characteristics of the cement filling material, the careful design and development of the microcomputer control system, high measuring accuracy, stable performance is good, adaptable in the cement plant. Can also implement microcomputer control for the entire work cycle. 
Packaging machine design has six mouth, eight mouth, ten mouth, twelve mouth, 14 mouth models, according to user needs can also undertake special type of packaging machine design modification 
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