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Prediction and Analysis Of Packaging Machinery Industry in the Future Development Trend
Publish:2016-09-19 By Diana
If packaging machinery in China wants to meet demand of the food, pharmaceutical and other related industries rapid development, and actively participate in international competition, we must break the industry small, scattered situation, keep moving forward in the direction of the advanced. Packaging industry with the development of science and technology, the future will cooperate with industrial automation trend, towards mechanical function diversification in the development of the technology, structure design of standardization, modularization, intelligent control, structure, high precision and so on several directions. 
As the change of the market, the domestic packaging machinery is also growing, the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers aims at developing low energy consumption, low cost of packaging equipment. At present domestic packaging machinery manufacturers are dedicated to the study of the high-tech, servo labeling machine production of high quality and reliable service. In the future, as the industry related policy support and the development of related industries, packaging machinery manufacturing industry growth is expected to remain above 18%.
Packaging machinery is a kind of machinery pointing to complete all or part of the product and the commodity packaging process, using mechanical packaging products can improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, adapt to the needs of the mass production and meet the requirements of clean sanitation. Packaging machinery in China started late, has not yet formed a complete industrial system in 1990, after the ninth five-year plan, packaging machinery of China is rapidly developing, the average annual growth rate of over 30%, in 2000, is still growing at around 20%. 
After 20 years of development, China's packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in mechanical industry, both yield and output value, have made remarkable achievements. 
China has become the world's largest commodity producer and exporter, at the same time, the fastest growing global attention is focused on, the largest and the most potential of China's packaging market. In 2010, the packing machinery manufacturing industry with enterprises above designated size (annual sales income in 5 million yuan of above) 343, employees 39400 people, assets total 18.974 billion yuan, sales income 17.705 billion yuan, the total profit of 1.185 billion yuan. 
Although the domestic packaging machinery market prospects, such as single machine automation, poor stability and reliability, not beautiful appearance modelling, short service life and other issues also makes the domestic packaging machinery products to ridicule. At the same time, the most technologically advanced packaging machinery research and development in our country is still in the phase of imitation, independent development ability is limited. 
For this reason, many foreign big companies will own technology and components are introduced into China, the local processing, which reduces the cost, not only gained market share in the high-end market, also had a fierce competition in the low-end market with domestic enterprises. 

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