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Machine For Packing Cement
Publish:2016-07-08 By Diana
Cement Packing Machine
Rotary cement packing machine is designed to meet the needs of the market, company and other research institutions jointly developed a new generation of packaging machinery. It adopts frequency control of motor speed of main drive system, side into rotary structure, configuration of non-contact proximity switch, upper and lower material level measurement and control machine, such as electricity, gas automatic control mechanism and the microcomputer automatic metering device.According to rotary structure principle of cement packing machine and filling characteristics of cement materials, elaborate design, microcomputer control system is developed, and a measurement precision, fast, stable performance, reliable, easy to adjust, simple, complete functions, and other functions. 

The equipment compared with similar products, with reasonable structure, stable performance, measurement accuracy, simple operation, low energy consumption, large output, convenient maintenance and other advantages. The machine through the electric automatic control, realized the pressure of cement bag, loosen, discharging mouth opening, closing and other automation function. Thus reducing the packaging machine mechanical failure, so, our products are suitable for the national large and medium-sized cement manufacturers welcome and trust. This equipment is mainly used in the water mud bags and other good liquidity of fine powder and granular materials woven bag and compound film bag packaging. Design ability has four mouth (30 to 60 t/h) six mouth (60-90 t/h), eight mouth (80-120 t/h), ten mouth (100-130 t/h), twelve mouth (120-150 t/h). 
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