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Which Machine Is Suitable For Nuts Bar
Publish:2016-07-04 By Diana
Pillow Type Packing Machine
Which kind of machine is suitable for packing nuts bar? Usually, people often use pillow type packaging machine. Pillow type packing machine includes different packaging capabilities, and may fit a number of specifications for food and non-food packaging. It not only can be used in non-trademark packaging, packaging materials and to be able to use a trademark in advance design of drum materials for high speed packing. In packaging production, due to the positioning color code printed on the packaging material between error and stretching of packaging materials and mechanical transmission, the influence of such factors as scheduled on packaging materials of sealing and cutting parts may deviate from the correct position, and produce error. In order to eliminate error and reach the purpose of proper sealing and cutting, packaging design must consider automatic positioning problem, to solve this problem is mostly based on photoelectric locator beacon of packaging materials to complete the continuous automatic positioning system design. According to error compensation and continuous photoelectric positioning system works in a type, braking and two transmission system synchronization. 
Pillow Type Packing Machine
The primary options that come with our pillow type packing machine:
1 Double frequency conversion control, bag length could be modified.
2 Digital screens, NC adjustment, convenient and versatile operation
3 PLC control, more stable performance, scalable.
4 Sensitivity photoelectric eye monitoring, digital input cut position making the cutting position better.
5 PID independent dual temperature control instrumentation, appropriate for a number of packing materials.
6 Self failure diagnosis, obvious failure display, Placed stop function, without adhering knife or wasting film.
7 Double encoder more stable performance.
8 Knife strengthening of sealing more tightly.
9 Could be attached to the inflatable device, wider performance.
10 Could be outfitted having a code system, packing more credible
11 Selectable automatic food line, completely automated.
12 Could be outfitted with anti-material cutting apparatus, security is going to be guaranteed.
13 A multi-purpose function, might be appropriate for the similar kind of items to broaden packaging.
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