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How To Choose Cost-effective Stretch Film Packing Machine
Publish:2016-03-26 By Diana
As the industry's most popular stretch film packing machine, it is a collection of automatic molding, artificial (automatic packing), automatic vacuum (inflatable), automatic cutting, automatic sealing membrane, which integrates multi-functional and intelligent equipment. But in the face of diversity on the market at present, the quality is uneven stretch film packaging machine, as buyers how to choose?  

Choose a good stretch film packaging machine first to understand the technical characteristics of the device itself, such as from a customer to buy equipment for some technical problems, such as: cover bottom film ran film, mould replacement convenience, vacuum effect, the effect of controlled atmosphere (residual oxygen detection), packaging or box forming uniformity, trimming effect, etc. A good stretch wrapping machine can help the customer to minimize because film quality closes nevertheless run membrane caused by problems, so as to ensure the use of batch membrane, and the packaging after vacuum, gas residual oxygen levels can meet the requirements of food packaging, packaging forming uniform, tensile depth can be designed according to customer requirements, and for the convenience of customers, mould replacement is very convenient, really achieve multi-usage function. However, these aspects are my company made perfect interpretation, for customers to solve customer all the trouble back at home. 

Second, use stretch film packaging machine on the extent of the operation, convenient maintenance and equipment safety is customer concern. The operation of the equipment need to be as simple as possible, can be different operators use and no technical requirements, and when the device fails to timely give response in the equipment, and can reduce the customer caused by equipment failure do not know how to start production. I companies in the equipment to increase very much, can in time will response in frequency display equipment problem. Quick response to solve the customer's production safety, and stretch film packaging opportunities when equipment failure automatic stop, failure is not cannot use lifting equipment, ensure the life safety of operators and achieve double insurance. 
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