Automatic Cellophane Film Wrapp
Scope of Application For Cigarette Three-dimensional Packing Machine
Publish:2016-03-17 By Diana
Automatic three-dimensional cigarette case cellophane wrapping machine adopts the advanced multi-function digital frequency conversion stepless speed regulation technology, and application of the PLC programming control technology. It can realize automatic box, automatic counting, etc. This machine has a series of CAM drive all kinds of connecting rod and internal parts to complete the packing work, pneumatic membrane, the packing of products are beautiful and easy, in anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, dustproof, also improve the product class, added value and sales. Automatic three-dimensional cigarette packaging machine applicable scope is very broad, as long as is a cuboid or cube box, wooden box, or other material box and items, regardless of the box and the size of the item, is available the machine all hungry transparent film packaging, is the ideal cassette 3 d packaging equipment on the market. Packing materials for heat OPP, BOPP film, adhesive cellophane and anti-counterfeiting gold thread.

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