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Why We Need Packing?
Publish:2016-03-09 By Diana
Packaging is necessary for products into the circulation field, to achieve the main means is the use of auto packaging machine for sale. With the development of The Times, the progress of technology, packaging machinery is plays a more and more important role in the packaging field, its main function has the following points: 
(1), it may improve the labor productivity of sliding table blister sealing machine much faster than manual packaging machinery packaging, such as candy packaging, manual package 1 min only package more than a dozen pieces, sugar and candy packaging machine can reach hundreds or even thousands of pieces per minute, improve the efficiency of dozens of times. 
(2) can effectively ensure the quality of packaging machinery packaging can be according to the requirement of the packaging items, according to the need of shape, size, specification is consistent with the packaging, and manual packaging cannot be guaranteed. This is particularly important for export commodities, only mechanical packaging, to achieve packaging standardization, standardization, conform to the requirements of assembly packaging. 
(3) can realize manual packaging cannot achieve some packing operation, such as packaging, plastic packaging, vacuum packaging, such as pressure, etc., are packaging cannot be achieved by hand, can only use mechanical packaging implementation. 
(4) can reduce the labor intensity, improve working conditions of manual packing of the intensity of labor is very big, such as using manual packing the products with big volume, heavy weight, both energy consuming, and unsafe; For small light products, due to the high frequency, monotonous, easy to make workers occupational disease. Folding box machines 
(5) of workers labor protection for some serious influence health products, such as serious dust, poisonous products, stimulating, radioactive products, packing by hand unavoidably harm health, while mechanical packaging can be avoided, and can effectively protect environment from pollution. 
(6) can reduce the packaging cost, save the shipping cost for loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, hemp, etc., using zip compression packaging machine packaging, can greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the packaging cost. Due to the much smaller at the same time, saving storage, reduce storage costs, is conducive to transport. 
(7) can be reliably guarantee the health of certain products, such as food, medicine, packaging, according to the health law is not allowed to use the manual packing, because will pollution products, and direct contact with food, medicine, machinery and packaging to avoid the hand, ensuring the quality of health. 
(8) can promote the development of related industries packaging machinery is a comprehensive science, it involves material, process, equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, automatic control and so on a variety of disciplines, synchronization and coordination development requires each related disciplines, any discipline problems will affect the overall performance of packaging machinery. Therefore, the development of packaging machinery will strongly promote the progress of the related disciplines. 
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