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Classification And Selection For Liquid Filling Machine
Publish:2015-12-25 By Diana
The equipment thatcan fill the processed food material according to the predetermined amount to the containers (bottles, cans, boxes, barrels, bags, hoses, etc.), is called filling machine. Filling machine for drinks and beverages and other liquid products, is commonly known for liquid filling machine. Liquid filling can be divided into two kinds -- manual filling and machine filling. For mechanized filling can not only improve labor productivity, reduce product loss, ensure packaging quality, but also can reduce the mutual pollution between production environment and loaded materials. Therefore, modern beverage industry generally use mechanical filling machine.
Selection of filling machine: reasonable selection of filling machine is an important way to ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency. In general, filling machine choosing should be closely linked with production practice, choose good quality, high efficiency, simple structure, easy to use and convenient maintenance, small size, light weight filling machine. The following principles should be followed when selecting a filling machine

Principles of Serving Production Technique
First of all, according to the nature of filling materials (viscosity, foaming, volatile, gas, etc.) to select the appropriate filling machine, in order to meet the production process requirements. Secondly, we should match the filling machine's production capacity with before and after the process, packaging machinery production capacity.
Principle of High productivity and Good Quality
Filling machine productivity directly reflects the production capacity of the production line. So the higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits. In order to improve the quality of products, we should choose equipment with high precision and high degree of automation. But the price of equipment also increased accordingly, increasing the unit cost of the product. Therefore, in the choice of filling machine, we should combine with the production process requirements and the relevant factors.
Principle of Wide Range Technology
The process scope of filling machine refers to the ability to adapt to different production requirements. Technology wide range, the more can improve the utilization rate of equipment, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, that is, the use of the same equipment can fill a variety of materials and a variety of specifications. Therefore, in order to adapt to multi specifications of the production requirement in the drinks, beverage industry, should choose a wide range of process liquid filling machine.
Principles of Food Hygiene
Due to the special hygiene requirements of the beverage industry. Therefore, parts of  the filling machine in the structure directly contacting with the material parts should be easy to install and clean, do not allow to have a dead angle. And to have reliable sealing measures to prevent debris mixed and loss of materials. In the material, the parts of the direct contact material should be used as the stainless steel or nontoxic material as much as possible.

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