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Advantages Of Pillow Type Candy Packing Machine
Publish:2015-12-14 By Diana
In order to ensure the quality of sales candy, should maintain its quality as they were produced from  the factory, the candy may deteriorate due to loss of moisture, moisture absorption, or sticky, which are caused by improper packing. Most of the sugar candy is soluble, keep this soluble is very important, because the sugar production is the main defects of the crystal candy. All kinds of candy will be affected by temperature, humidity, odor and mechanical factors such as light, mold, yeast, the surrounding environment and change.
Therefore, to maintain the appearance of candy, structure and smell, in addition to provide appropriate preservation conditions, packaging also plays an important role in the packaging machine, which requires the packaging must be closely, special packaging of candy packaging machine because the sealing is better than the traditional packaging, coupled with the selection of packaging materials to be used to prevent moisture, and can meet the requirements of the moisture content of the sweet smell of the more concentrated candy.

The type of candy is various, and the way to deal with it should be treated differently. For example, the high moisture requirements of hard candy, it is easy to absorb moisture in the air and cause to return to the sand, so it is appropriate to use pillow type candy packaging machine to packaging, and can also use a better sealing packaging materials.
Cream candy containing ingredients of milk and fat, have a certain hardness at high temperature, but the heat is easy to deform and disperse easily diffuse into the surface of the candy packaging, so in addition to considering the moisture, should prevent body contraction, aroma loss, fat oxidation, the best packaging should be used matiral can resist oxygen, ultraviolet radiation (especially in the short wave ultraviolet), and to protect the material and the pillow type bag packaging.

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