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Introduction Of Cement Packing Machine
Publish:2015-12-03 By Diana
Cement packing machine is divided to fixed type and rotary type,  and fixed cement packing machine is 1-4 mouth packing machine, cement by artificial mobile pocket to complete the filling, rotary type cement packaging machine is 6-14 mouth, finish packaging through rotation pocket filling.

Characteristics of cement packaging machine

1. Adapt to a wide range, where the flow of good performance of powder, granular material can be used in the packaging of the packaging machine.
2. Basic realization of automation, filling, metering, bags and other movements are automatically completed.
3. Working environmen keeps clean, no pocket no filling, bag weighs less than calibration value will not fall, the bag was accidentally off the gate will be closed immediately, stop filling.
4. Maintenance is simple, few wearing parts, no hydraulic, pneumatic components.
5. Mouth eight to twelve mouth rotary cement packing machine equipped with cement sack cleaning machine, cement ground charter, cement shaker, feeder.
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