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Bright Prospect For Packing Machinery
Publish:2015-11-19 By Diana
China's packaging machinery started late in general, but after decades of development, domestic packaging machinery has become one of the ten major industries in the machinery industry, the rapid development of China's packaging industry provides a strong guarantee, some packaging machinery gradually fill the domestic blank. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of packaging machinery, automatic packaging machine has made considerable progress. But at present, still far from the development of developed countries.
At the same time, there are also a series of problems in the development of the automatic packaging machine, the automatic level of the domestic packaging machine is still not high enough. Packaging machinery market tends to increasingly monopoly, in addition to some small packaging machine has a certain size and advantages, other packaging machinery almost has no system and scale, especially the market demand for a number of packages, such as liquid filling production line, beverage packaging machine equipment, aseptic packaging production lines, packaging machinery market in the world are covered by several large packaging machinery enterprise groups. Facing the strong competition with foreign brands, domestic enterprises should take active measures.
From the current situation, the world's automatic packing machine needs to grow at a rate of 5.3% per year. The United States has the largest manufacturer of packaging equipment, followed by Japan, the other major producers include Germany, Italy and china. But in  the future, fastest  packaging equipment production growth lies in the developing country and region. Developed countries will benefit from the stimulation of domestic demand, and find the appropriate local manufacturers in developing countries, especially in the food processing plant to invest, to provide packaging machinery and equipment. And China has made great progress since joining the WTO. China's packaging machinery level improves very fast, gradually narrowing the gap with world's advanced leve. 

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