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Application Of Vacuum Packing Machine In Food Industry
Publish:2015-11-19 By Diana
Vacuum packaging machine, since its birth, it was used in the food industry, with its inherent advantages widely used in high temperature soft packaging products, bittern and lunch packaging, frozen food packaging and vegetables and soy products packaging. And favored by the majority of customers.
After the vacuum packaging, the high temperature sterilization of soft packaging products due to long shelf life, easy to carry, are very popular among consumers. Generally requires the vacuum degree of 94%, vacuum degree of automatic vacuum packaging machine can reach more than 97%, and the sealing quality is stable, suitable for large-scale processing production.

Pot-stewed food and fast food packaging. Nowadays, in the development of the market economy,  the pace of life gradually speeding up, fast food are widely welcomed by working-class for its attractive color, delicious tastes, reasonable nutrition. Working parts of automatic vacuum packaging machine can be adjusted, suitable for soup and food packaging, prepared fast food after vacuum packaging, under the same taste can be extended shelf life, more suitable for brand products chain operation.

Frozen food packaging. Automatic vacuum packaging machine applies to products such as meat, meat paste and other vacuum packed for storage of food, these foods frozen after vacuum packed, stored in low temperature, on one hand retain freshness, have certain shelf-life, on the other hand can ensure product health and prevent pollution.

Packaging of agricultural and sideline products. With the rapid development of science and technology, the demand for agricultural and sideline products is higher, the farmers also pay more attention to the deep processing of agricultural products, and after the selection of the products, the packaging of vacuum packaging machine can be used to keep the goods in the anaerobic condition.
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