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Vacuum Packing Machine Operation Step
Publish:2015-11-18 By Diana
1. Power-on: First of all, see if the voltage of this vacuum packing machine is 220V or 380V, vacuum pump power plus heating power is about 1.5KW, please choose the appropriate line and wiring;

2. Check the vacuum pump oil level: Open the side cover, a transparent semi glass ball will be seen on the side of vacuum pump at the bottom of the vacuum packaging machine, through the transparent glass ball (also called observation glass hole) are able to see the inside of the vacuum oil, vacuum oil level to be observed as the position of the glass hole 2 / 3 prevail but also cannot too full, not more than 3 / 4 of the glass hole position observation. Vacuum oil should often changed during the future use;
3. Set the working time data: According to the vacuum bag material and thickness to set the seal voltage (usually gear 2), cooling time (usually 2.5 seconds) and heat sealing time (usually in 1.5-2.5 seconds, not more than 2.5 seconds, special attention to this: no special circumstances not exceed 2.5 seconds, do not exceed 3 seconds, and then according to the needs of vacuum packaging machine and the vacuum packaging requirements to set the vacuum time (usually in 5-50 seconds);
4. Turn on the power switch, check whether the power indicator light is bright, if NOT, check the cause of the light-off, until the power indicator light, can do on the following work;
5. Enter the vacuum sealing process: Open the lid of the organic glass, place the ready vacuum bag on both sides(one side is ok) of the vacuum chamber sealing strip (also can only put aside) flatly, and use trim strip the to flatten the whole bag, then smoothly put the organic glass cover on the vacuum chambers. This machine has started to work, to complete the automatic vacuum sealing, printing (some products without need to print can do without this feature), cooling, after the completion, automatic opening of the vacuum chamber cover;
6. After the opening of the entire vacuum packaging machine, process is completed, a perfect vacuum packaging products are presented in your eyes, you need to be careful to put this out of the vacuum chamber! And then go on the next package!

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