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Warm Welcome For Nigerian Government Delegation To China
Publish:2015-11-17 By Diana
On the morning of November 13th, 2015, following the lead of Benedict Ayade, the Governor of Cross River State, Nigerian Government Delegation came to visit Henan, China. As one of the invited 25 enterprises, Henan GELGOOG leaders accompanied in the whole course of visit.


Guests from Nigeria came to visit Henan at the invitation of Henan Commercial Office. 25 companies were invited for business communication. All companies showed warm welcome again to the delegation. At the meeting room, both sides exchanged views on cooperation. When talking with Ayade, Henan GELGOOG company chairman and general manager, Li Junhua briefly introduced development of the company for several decades, and the production and operation situation, and achievement in the production technology, quality management, personnel allocation, market sales. After hearing brief introduction of our company, Ayade first expressed his thanks for the warm welcome, and introduces the situation of economic development in Nigeria, and the industry that needs to be developed in detail. Closely related to our business operations include the following:
Textile and garment manufacturing equipment, paper machine, cassava processing, pharmaceutical industry, food processing and packaging machinery, waste recycling processing technology, motorcycles, animal husbandry and meat processing, paper making equipment, etc.
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