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How to Use Tray Sealing Machine
Publish:2015-11-13 By Diana
1. Structure
The whole tray sealing machine is composed of main body, sensor, vacuum device and sealing-cutting system and waste film collection. 
Heating system: It is composed of intelligent temperature controller, heating element, solid booster and thermo couple. The heating temperature can be adjusted between 0-300℃.
Automatically sealing and cutting system: cutting cylinder and cutter
Aluminum board drive system: It is composed of drive cylinder and pawl clutch.
This sealer connects 220V 50HZ Single phase alternating currents, the capacity of air compressor must be bigger than 0.6 m³/h.
2. Principle and Usage
Turn on power switch, the power indicating light is on. Connect the air compressor to the machine, adjust the air filter pressure to 0.75Mpa (it is adjusted before going out the factory), the whole machine is on the original working condition.
Locate the sealing film on the film set.
Turn on Heating switch, the heating indicating light is on. Set the temperature to 150℃, when the temperature reaches the setting temperature, put the tray into the mould, press “convey” button, the mould will automatically draw in, the sealing process begin and when the vacuum finishes, the machine automatically seal and cut the film. When the sealing is over, the sealing part return, waste film automatically collect, the mould come out and wait for the next action.
Sealing time can be adjusted through this touch screen

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