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Why Choose GELGOOG Labeling Machine?
Publish:2015-11-10 By Diana
Different angels help you learn this vertical round bottle labeling machine better. Following is the labeling for product:
Principal Usage
Vertical round bottle labeling machine of our company is mainly used in cosmetics, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries of product labeling.

Suitable for a variety of small and wide range of round containers, double label round bottles, single label round bottles, with a dozen code labels, such as: glass bottles, plastic bottles, iron cans, etc.
1.The labeling machine adopts automatic man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation. Simply click to complete the appropriate action.
2. All the main parts USES stainless steel, to meet the relevant national standards, with the novel and beautiful appearance.
3. Automatic tag count, can record the output per shift, convenient production management.
4. Label run out automatically, you can set the number of production per shift, automatically stop when running out.
5. Can be connected with production line, can also be independent production. According to customer requirements,Henan GELGOOG company can provide the code machine to achieve the production batch number, time, etc..
Performance Characteristics 
1. Adopts imported electromagnetic clutch, with high precision;
2. Advanced aluminum alloy anode treatment, longer life;
3. Using famous brand electric machinery for the large load, long time running;
4. All parts and components are made of stainless steel materials;
5. PLC control, man-machine interface control panel is more of a sense of the times;
6. Imported inspection standard light even, to ensure high accuracy;
7. Can be labeled with a single label or double label round bottle;
8. Labeling code can be labeled at the same time.

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