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Troubleshooting For Sealing Cutting Machine
Publish:2015-11-05 By Diana
Sealing and cutting machine achieves fully automatic unmanned operation; Therefore, the wrapping efficiency is enhanced without filming and film cutting by labor, manual effort is saved. This machine widely used in mass production of packaging assembly line, high work efficiency, automatic film feeding punch, automatic film sealing and cutting, automatic winding waste; just adjusted by hand membrane system and manual adjustment of the feeding platform, applicable for different width and height of the product. Can be used with the automatic packaging line, is the first choice for the heat shrink packaging

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

1. After daily work, the blade must be cleaned with a wire brush and kept in good repair by release agent, and must often add lubricant to the moving parts;

2. Remember to protect contact  parts of the blade, that is silicone rubber piece. If the outer high temperature linoleum is burnt, it should be replaced immediately.

3. Seal cutting blade replacement, loosen the clamp sealing cutter clamp and remove the seal cutter, cleaning cutter groove (note: shall not damage the knife grooves, using a replacement of the old blade as cleaning tools). Install a new blade, place into groove and fasten it, the blades at both ends of the two ends are fixed on the fixed blade chuck, compressing spring and fixing screws.
4. If the sealing and cutting machine can not seal the film or the effect of the sealing is not good, it may be the following reasons:

1) The seal cutting blade ends with no voltage (Damaging of transformer or short circuit of the connecting line, reconnect or replace it)
2) The power supply voltage is too low (the input power supply go on voltage stabilization)
3) The sealing time regulating improper or time relay damage (re adjustment or replacement)
4) The blade cutting surface is not smooth(cleaning groove, reinstall the blade)
5) The blade has been broken or bad (adjustment or replacement of the blade)

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