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Tea Leaf Vacuum Packaging Machine Shipment To United States
Publish:2015-11-13 By Diana

Our client from Mexico bought this single room vacuum packing machine GG-600, and he want to use this machine to pack tea leaf. At first, he sent email t us for tea leaf vacuum packaging machine, after knowing his requirements, our sales suggested him this vacuum packer.  For this machine can not only pack tea leaf, but can pack meat products, electronic components, etc. With its good vacuumed effect and stable performance, this kind of machine is widely popular among the world.

Some tips when you choosing vacuum packing machine: 

A) Packing speed. For improving the production efficiency, the double chamber or multi chamber vacuum packaging machine will be your better choice.
B) Filling gas. If the vacuumed products need filling gas, multifunctional vacuum packaging machine with pneumatic device can be selected.
C) The vacuum degree of the packaging materials. 
D) The requirements of the packaging materials for the vacuum packaging machine.
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