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Tea Bag Packing Material
Publish:2023-01-13 By Sherry
In recent years, people have paid attention to the health benefits of tea. In order to promote tea sales, some tea processors have begun to use more packaging materials and packaging styles to attract customers. 
 Tea bag packing material
Common tea bag packing materials are:
1. PE bag (plastic bag)
Polyethylene bags, or PE bags, are widely used packaging materials at present, and there are generally two types of low-density PE bags and high-density PE bags. Low-density PE bags have greater moisture permeability and air permeability, while high-density PE bags have smaller. The advantages of PE bags are economical, cheap, and good moisture resistance. Its disadvantages are poor light transmission and gas resistance, so it cannot be used alone in tea packaging. It is better to use polyethylene bag packaging to add a layer of outer packaging that can block light and have low air permeability, such as synthetic paper cans, iron cans, etc.
2. Non-woven fabric
There are non-woven fabrics made of plant fibers and chemical fibers, and the more advanced woven fabrics with plant corn fibers are healthier and more environmentally friendly. It can be brewed directly with tea.
3. Metal tin can
The advantages of metal iron cans are extrusion resistance and good texture. In the early stage, they were mainly used for the outer packaging of tea with the inner packaging of PE bags. However, due to their high price and easy corrosion, rust and deformation, they have been gradually eliminated.
4. Aluminum foil laminated bag
The aluminum foil laminated bag is beautiful and elegant, and its advantages are light-proof, moisture-proof, and oxygen-resistant, but the price is more expensive than PE bags, and there will be extrusion problems when used alone. Aluminum foil laminated bags can be vacuumed or filled with nitrogen or deoxidizer, and can be packaged with cartons or synthetic paper cans.
The tea packaging equipment we provide uses non-woven fabrics as packaging materials, and can provide round, square, and pyramid shapes according to customer needs. If you have needs, you can contact us.
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