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Automatic Sugar Sachet Packing Machine Sold To Georgia
Publish:2017-09-08 By Diana
This autoamtic sugar packing machine was ready shippment to Georgia.This sugar packing machine can be used for powder and granular materials, two kinds of packaging, has a wide range of application, sealing and cutting one-piece knife, sealing and cutting accurate, neat incision, safe in operation.
Automatic Sugar Sachet Packing Machine
Performance characteristics
1. The mechanism bag system adopts the step motor subdivision technology, the bag precision is high, the error is less than 1mm;
2. Adopt the most advanced PLC industrial automation control, touch the thin film key, the whole Chinese character shows, the operation is reliable and easy;
3. The thermal sealing mechanism with four-way temperature control is adopted, the temperature control is accurate, the thermal balance is good, the sealing quality is guaranteed, and the various packing materials are applicable;
4. Special stop positioning function to ensure that the heat seal and cutter are in open position when any state stops, so as to avoid scald packaging materials, materials and heat-sealing mechanism;
5. The latest photoelectric control system, automatic positioning, fixed-length, effectively avoid agencies stained and torn bags and material loss.
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